7 Signs of Leakages in Your Slab

The slab of your home has numerous concrete and important pipes under it. Any damage to the slab can eventually damage pipes as well, which can lead to an unwanted pipe and faucet repair Argyle and Dallas.

Regular maintenance and check-ups are the best way to take care of your slab. One of the factors that damage a slab is leakages. If left unchecked, leakages can even cause the concrete foundation to break down.

Signs To Identify Leakages

Here are some common signs that indicate the presence of leakages in your slab. However, if you still feel confused after knowing these signs, contact a professional plumber for slab leak detection in Argyle and Dallas.

Bacterial Growth

It may indicate leakage if you notice bacterial growth or frequent water puddles in one home patch. Initially, the water puddles may occur once or twice a week, but if it is a slab leak, their frequency and quantity will gradually increase, which means you should contact a plumber to fix the leak at the earliest.

High Water Bills

All owners estimate their monthly energy bills and water bills. If your water bills are on the higher side of your expectations for two or more months, it may indicate a slab leakage or any other water leakage in your home that needs immediate attention.

Sprinkler Leakages

If you have sprinklers near your concrete slab, any leakages or damage to those sprinklers can be a symptom of slab leakage. Damage to sprinklers also shows damage to the irrigation lines, which can cause high plumbing bills.

Shift in Foundation

Cracks in the baseboard and walls and shifts in the concrete foundation of your home are clear indicators of slab leakages. Such shifts show that the leakage in the slab is strong enough to cause soil erosion and water damage that shifted the foundation.

Cold And Hot Spots On The Floor

Move around your home to find hot and cold spots on the floor. You should try this method when your water bills have been rising unexpectedly. If there are several hot and cold spots in your home, it may indicate a slab leakage.

Wet Carpets And Floors

Slab leakages cause water to spread on your floor, due to which your floorings, like carpets, will get wet without apparent reasons. You should allow a professional to look into this matter if your floor frequently has water puddles.

Decrease In Water Pressure And Constantly-Running Hot Water

Since water from the slab is leaking into the ground and other places, the water pressure in your home will not be as strong as before. Moreover, since water runs continuously in the form of leakages, the hot water in your home will also run continuously.

Leakage Causes

If you understand how your slab faces a leakage, you can try to avoid those factors as much as possible to reduce the possibility of leakages in the future:

  • Try to avoid any damage to the pipes during construction or installation works in your home.
  • Damage to pipes through the soil, rust, and bacterial growth also lead to leakages in the slab.
  • Small gravels and stones can also abrase the pipes and damage them gradually.
  • Any shift in the soil or foundation can cause slab leakages.


You should only trust a professional plumber and company for your plumbing problems like pipe leaks and gas line installation Flower Mound.

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