Are Your Pipes Safe From Liquid Drain Cleaners?

Liquid drain cleaners have long been recognized as the most effective approach for repairing plumbing difficulties in a home. Although they may appear as an easy and inexpensive solution to clogs or obstructions in a drain, these so-called tools for clogged drain cleaning Argyle and Dallas, TX, can cause more harm than good.

Liquid Drain Cleaners Can Damage Pipes And The Environment

Chemical Drain Cleaners May Damage Pipes

Drain cleaning solutions are either acidic or oxidizing. When used in older pipes for a lengthy period, these drain cleaners can potentially cause pipe deterioration. Heat is produced when chemical drain cleaners are employed in plastic tubes, which can cause damage.

Difficulties With Septic Tanks

Consider the damage to your septic system; adding drain cleaners to your septic tank will destroy the germs in your tank and contribute to your system’s healthy operation.

Again, this can cause a simple repair to become rather costly if you need to have your tank pumped by a plumber in Argyle and Dallas, TX, and have your system restored to its optimal operating condition.

Does Not Aid in Clearing all Clogs

There is no guarantee that drain cleaners will eliminate the blockage. A drain cleaner may temporarily eliminate a clog, but the obstruction usually reoccurs. It is because liquid drain for Flower Mound drain cleaning cannot solve more severe problems, such as broken pipes or malfunctioning sewage lines.

Environmental Influence

The components of a liquid drain cleaner do not evaporate after being poured down a drain. Additionally, it is conceivable for the chemicals to permeate the groundwater and soil, which would cause even more significant ecological damage.

Most liquid drain cleaners are packed in disposable plastic containers, which are discarded after use. These containers contribute to the global environmental problem of plastic pollution.

Should Not Be Placed Inside Waste Disposal Units

The vast majority of chemicals for clogged drain cleaning, are far too potent to be used in garbage disposals and can lead to pipe deterioration.

It is not recommended that households use drain cleaners in their garbage disposals owing to the disposal pipes and traps deterioration.

DIY Cleaning

A Liquid Cleaner At Home

It is possible to create your own nonabrasive liquid drain cleaner in the comfort of your home.

  • You should dump a half-worth cup of baking soda down the drain. 
  • Pour a quarter cup of vinegar down the drain afterward. 
  • After that, pour several glasses of boiling water over the damaged area, careful not to spill any of it. 
  • Finally, to unclog a minor drain, you must allow the remedy adequate time to work.


A plunger is one of the most dependable tools for eliminating obstacles. You may plunge into the toilet more than once to remove it. Verify that the plunger you are using is appropriate for the drain you are attempting to clear and that it is immersed in the drain for the best results.


A plumbing auger is another piece of equipment you can use to eliminate obstacles successfully. A cable with a hook is run down the drain to either dislodge the obstruction or latch onto it.


Putting one’s safety first should always be a top priority when performing plumbing repairs. Although liquid drain cleaners may seem reasonable, they represent a greater risk than they address.

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