Plumbing Leak Repair In Lewisville, TX

Plumbing Leak Repair In Lewisville, TX

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Having leaky pipes is the most common problem of plumbing. This starts as a tiny problem and compounds into a much bigger issue that will also cost you a fortune to get fixed. Pipes can start leaking due to multiple reasons.

Plumbing Leak Repair In Lewisville, TX

What causes pipe leaks in the first place?


This wouldn’t generally be the problem with newly built homes, but pipes used during construction are galvanized with steel or copper. Metal in many older homes tends to rust after a while. Corrosion will lead to browning of the walls they’re in and will cost quite a bit to fix.

Water pressure

High water pressure often results in cracks or bursting pipes. Pipes can’t handle higher pressures more often than not, and they burst. This usually ends in flooding throughout the house. We offer comprehensive and reliable services for hot water heater Flower Mound. You can contact us.


As the building ages, shifts in the foundation happen commonly. Even the tiniest change sometimes results in cracked pipes. This is what will eventually lead to leaky pipes.


Due to many reasons, whenever pipes have tiny cracks, the soil beneath them takes the leaking water, and sometimes roots arise and burrow into the pipes, breaking them further.


Under extreme temperatures, usually during winters, the cold water causes the pipes to crack and break.

Problems associated with leaky pipes

There are many problems leaking pipes could result in, and among those are these common problems:

Poor quality

The water quality is the primary problem with leaky or cracked pipes. Within the crack, the quality of water decreases.


Often in leaky pipes, with the water seeping out into the wall, it ends with stained or warped walls. This decreases the appeal of your house and degrades its value if you ever want to sell it. This increases the repair costs, including the wall repairs and the pipes.


With leaking water, moisture in the enclosed spaces increases, and as a result, mold forms inside the pipes and walls. Apart from contaminating the water, this also seeps into the walls and infests. These repairs usually cost a fortune and can only be avoided with regular checkups throughout the house.


When the leaks and cracks in pipes are left unchecked for a longer time, they burst, causing water to flood the whole house. Flooding repairs are usually pretty expensive and a hassle. If you are looking clogged bath tub service Dallas then you can contact JP Plumbing Service. We offer our services with proper skills and experience.

You can check for leaky pipes throughout your house using these as factors. If you ever see a stained or soaked wall or notice decreased water quality, it’s best to call a professional to help fix it right away.
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