Slab Leak Detection In Argyle, TX

Slab Leak Detection in Argyle, Flower Mound, Trophy Club, Roanoke, TX, and The Greater DFW Area

Slab leaks occur due to the pressure of the water pipes located underneath the house. The pipes are directly stationed below the concrete floor when residential houses are constructed without any basement. Contact us today for Slab Leak Detection in Argyle and plumber Flower Mound TX, Trophy Club, Roanoke, TX, and The Greater DFW Area.

This situation can not only be inconvenient, but unhygienic and unhealthy for family members. Before such an incident arises, precautionary measures must be taken. You should dial JP Plumbing Service for slab detection in North Dallas, TX.

Slab Leak Detection in Argyle, Flower Mound, Trophy Club, Roanoke, TX, and The Greater DFW Area

Are slab leaks harmful?

Slab leaks are indeed harmful and they are responsible for unpleasant circumstances. For instance, the continuous flow of water from the slab degrades the quality of the floor. Slab leaks can also cause foundation damage to your home. These leaks can compromise the structural integrity of your foundation’s concrete and steel supports. Water pressure and leaks might eventually cause your foundation to shift, slide, break, or collapse.

Moreover, a fluctuation in the water’s pressure allows the dirty underground waters to seep through the pipes. A leakage in the slab allows the unwanted water an opportunity to enter the house.

Detection of slab leaks at your home

Slab leaks are a bit complicated. Unlike other plumbing leaks, they are not easily detectable. It is best to hand the issue over to the experts, who can ensure carry out a thorough investigation to locate the leaks. When you call the professional, they look into the following things to detect any defect. If you are looking faucet repair Dallas then you can contact JP Plumbing Service. We offer our services with proper skills and experience.

  • A visual examination
    Before starting an in-depth examination, they search for visual leakages such as wet patches, dampness, and warm spots, throughout the house.
  • In search of unusual sounds
    A fault or crack in the pipes emits a dripping or creaking sound. They might be inaudible to your ear, but not the professionals’. They have keen senses that can detect such sounds immediately.
  • Detecting any unwanted smell
    Once an expert plumber enters your house, he can sense a musty or unfamiliar smell. This smell originates from the growth of molds or unwanted bacteria below the concrete floor.
  • Checking the water pressure
    The next step involves investigating the water pressure. If showers and sinks do not pour an adequate amount of water, it is clear that the water has found a new source to flow away. Faulty plumbing creates the water pressure to fluctuate.
  • Searching for pests
    The professional plumbers also search for pests. Humidity beneath the floor is home to ants, rodents, and other small visitors. A leaking pipe is to blame for such a situation.

However, there are some common water leakage signs that you can check on your own.

Once you detect a potential water leak, call JP Plumbing Service to fix it and hot water heater repair Dallas. Our services are remarkable, as we have several qualified background-checked plumbers working in our organization. Our service charges are priced quite nominally with various discounts from time to time. Visit our website for more information. Or call us at (469) 890-5555 for any emergency.

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