What Type of Plumbing Fittings Are Used in New Homes?

It is better to be cautious while installing new plumbing fittings in a new home. If unsure about the pipelines and materials, this information can solve your troubles and offer a brief plumbing diagnosis.

The Plumbing System

The plumbing system refers to the network of pipelines, fittings, and other appliances involved in drainage and water supply. Depending on the purpose, different pipes are used in your home’s plumbing system.

For instance, service pipes are used to supply clean water. For drainage and waste disposal, drain pipes are employed.

Types Of Plumbing Materials Used In New Homes

Several kinds of plumbing pipes have been employed for supply and drain purposes. The most widely used pipe fittings are named below.

Copper Pipes

For the safest drinking water lines, copper pipes have been used for years. Copper pipes are not for DIYers, as it is hard to solder the joints and make a seal. Contact JP Plumbing Services for a skilled plumber in Argyle, TX, for professional copper plumbings.

PVC Pipes

Made of thermoplastic, PVC pipes have recently gained popularity in the market. Polyvinyl chloride is a polymer, rigid and lightly-colored, with high strength. It is suitable for high-pressure supply lines for homes as it is safe for drinking water and other drains.

If you want to save costs and not compromise on quality and longevity, PVC pipes can meet all your plumbing needs in all sizes. Stay attentive to the hot water supply, as it can damage the plastic and create problems in tight spaces.

PEX Pipes

Cross-Linked Polyethylene pipe is an affordable plastic tubing solution for your homes to prevent rust and corrosion. It is a new polymer with enhanced flexibility than PVC pipes and is used in multiple plumbing fittings.

PEX pipes are easy to cut and join for clamped and barbed rings, as simple as gluing. These pipes are great for long terms due to corrosion resistance and extendable flexibility. However, the polymer in PEX’s makeup possesses health risks, which is why its use has been limited.

ABS Pipes

These black-colored pipes are made of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, which works similarly to the PVC fittings. These are durable for high-impact construction activities but not compatible with the sun.

So, if you want durable plumbing material for internal drains, vents, and waste pipes, ABS pipes can serve your purpose like PVC ones.

Galvanized Steel And Iron Pipes

For strength and durability, galvanized pipes are still the choice for residential plumbing. It is believed that the zinc coating over steel and iron can keep corrosion at bay, requiring fewer repairs by our plumbers.

Compared to other piping materials, galvanized pipes have a shorter lifespan, high weight, high probability of corrosion, and chances of lead poisoning. So, if your house is old with these fittings, it is time to change to newer ones. Need assistance? Call JP Plumbing. We are known to be the best plumbers in Argyle.

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