Why Does My Water Heater Take Too Long to Heat Up?

Several issues can affect the water heater’s efficiency, and it may take a little longer than usual to warm up the water. A water heater servicing technician can assist you if the water in your home is slow to heat or your water heater cannot meet your family’s demands.

A professional plumber can evaluate your hot water heater in Flower Mound to determine the exact problem and provide an effective solution.

Reasons for Water Heater Taking too Much Time to Heat Water

Here are some reasons that may cause the water heater to take more time to heat the water:

Pressure Relief Valve Damage

Most water heaters have a pressure relief valve designed to discharge pressure from the water tank when it becomes too high. If the valve on top of your water heater starts to leak, it is recommended to replace it by purchasing it online or at your local store. The procedure for removing and replacing pressure relief valves is simple. However, it is best to get your water heater checked by a professional for water line repair in Flower Mound, TX.

Internal Rust

Sacrificial anodes are highly active metal rods that help prevent corrosion in your water heater. Anode rods are consumed in place of the metal they are supposed to protect; that is why they are referred to as sacrificial. However, if there are issues with the anode rod, it might affect its functioning. Ask the hot water heater to replace the anode rod if rusty water comes from the tap.

An In-Line Valve that is Loose or Damaged

A water leak on top of your system, unlike a leak near the bottom of your water tank, is easily repaired. A faulty in-line valve commonly causes water tank leaks. It is a handle on top of the water tank designed to turn the water flow on or off. To resolve this issue, you need to tighten the nut that holds the ball or in-line valve in place. If the leak worsens after you tighten it, you’ll need to contact the best plumbers in Flower Mound or buy a new in-line valve for your water heater.

Buildup of Sediment

Mineral deposits separate and settle to the bottom of your water heater tank when water is heated. Sediment accumulates over time, reducing the efficiency of your water heater and eventually causing damage. It is problematic if the water supplied to your house is hard water. To tackle this issue, contact a service provider for water line repair.

Increased Humidity in the Air

Water heaters must draw in air for combustion to occur. If the air quality is poor, problems might arise. Humidity is dangerous because it can corrode your tank and cause your water heater to fail.

Bottom Line,

Having the best plumbers in Flower Mound inspect your water heater will help you catch minor problems before they become major problems or cause your system to fail.

Inspection services are essential for water heaters nearing or exceeding their expected life span. JP Plumbing Services guarantees the best services to make the most of your water heater. Call (469) 890-5555 and schedule a service today!